Top 10 Best Working Kodi Video Addons 2017

Top 10 Best Working Kodi Video Addons 2017. Kodi video add-ons are constantly changing. If any of these third party best Kodi addons stop working, you will either have to update the Add-on source location, or simply has been dropped by the developer. Top 10 Kodi Addons 2017. ➥

Covenant Addon from the Lambda developer, It plays movies and TV shows. You can inst_all Covenant Kodi Add-on Using Smash Repository, Ares Wizard, or from the Dimitrology Repository. How to install Covenant Add-on

Genesis Reborn Add-on like Covenant comes from the same Exodus code, but is updated and working. It’s a good add-on to have, with a similar Covenant interface and plays movies and TV shows. How to install Genesis Add-on

UK Turks Playlist, is another Kodi add-on that went down temporarily but is back again with a new URL. UK Turk’s is a nice add-on to watch Live TV and TV shows, sports, movies, cartoons and documentaries. How to install UK Turk Add-on

Maverick TV is another Kodi add-on that has a lot of content. You can watch 4K Movies, TV shows, documentaries and music. It’s a one click to play add-on that finds the best stream available to play. How to install Maverick Add-on

Elysium Addon is the new name for the well known, Zen kodi add-on. It plays movies and TV shows. It is similar to Genesis Reborn but with updated code. How to install Elysium add-on

Bob Unrestricted is a one-click to play Kodi add-ona from the popular Phoenix add-on, Blue and Valhalla. It streams both movies and TV shows. How to install BoB Add-on

cCloud TV is a live streaming kodi plugin. It has been recently updated and is working very well. It has Live streams from many channels all around the world. How to install cCloud TV

StreamHub Kodi Addon. StreamHub is an older Kodi add-on that recently had some big updates. It has many sections for movies, TV shows, sports, Live TV and more. How to install Stream Hub

Flixnet is a recent Kodi video add-on that allows you to watch TV shows , cartoons, channels, new movies and TV series.

Oblivion. Oblivion Streams is an older add-on from Oblivion Add-on repository. It is a Live TV Kodi add-on that has been constantly updated. It has many good feeds including sports, movies and TV shows. How to install Oblivion Streams

How to install Kodi video Add-ons:
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