Best mini PC Desktop Computers under $500 dollars

Top 10 Best mini PC Desktop Computers under $500. Mini PCs are great for people who just want to do their work and don’t need a full size desktop computer. Best mini PC 2019 under $500 ? Subscribe L&S

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Lenovo ThinkCenter M715
Lenovo ThinkCenter M710
mini PC that starts at $400 from, and has a wide range of configurable options. But the configuration we recommend is around $600. Is an Intel Core i5 processor, 8 Gigs of memmory and 256GB of storage in a Solid State drive. With six USB ports and two DisplayPort connections, it’s hard to find something like an ultrabook or a business laptop at this price. And you can always upgrade the storage and memory.

Zotac Zbox CI325 Nano The most usable mini PC you can get for less than $200, is the Zotac CI325 Nano. If you need a little computer for basic tasks like email, text editing, or if you’re looking for something inexpensive to use as a media server or a retro-gaming box, the Zo-tac Zi-box CI 3 25 Nano is for you.

Apple Mac mini $499, is the least expensive Mac computer you can buy. Plenty of connectivity options. Comes with iWork and iLife preloaded. Without the expected magic mouse and Keyboard peripherals, with an aluminium shell and a simplistic industrial design, the Mac mini represents Apple at its core.

Intel NUC 7Gen The new Intel popular NUC mini PC supports the 7th Generation Core processors. With the new gun metal gray design! The new models have thunderbolt 3, and are customisable in a wide range of processors and a variety of configurable features. $200 – $999

Kangaroo Plus Mobile Desktop The best bargain in technology is the Kangaroo Plus Mobile Desktop. This is a half-pound desktop that combines solid performance with a unique set of features, including a fingerprint reader, 802 .11ac Wi-Fi, a removable ports dock, and the ability to use an iPad as a screen. $150

ODROID XU4 But if your focus is more on processing power. The ODROID XU4 is what you need. A low-cost single board computer that supports advanced processing power on Arm devices. Particularly for developers compiling code on the X U4 is fast. Thanks to the 2Ghz Cortex A15, 2Gigs of DDR3 RAM and 64bit memory bandwidth, allowing programs to be compiled directly on the O-DROID X U4. The O-droid X U4 has a wide range of accessories, great documentation and a variety of operating systems available.

ASUS Tinker Board S If you have in mind a project that focuses more on Graphic power. The ASUS Tinker Board S is the new single board computer for you. It has a Quad-Core processor as the Raspberry Pi But at 1.8MHz, 16GB on board flash storage. Two Gigs of DDR3 RAM. Supports up to 4K video and HD audio, perfect for a media center and Kodi projects!

The Raspberry Pi 3B offers a full computer on a size of a credit card. This hyper-mini PC allows you to install various operating systems. (including special versions of Linux and Windows 10). $49

Azulle Access Plus is a mini PC Stick with an Intel Atom x5 and plenty of ports. Is Small enough to slip into your pocket, and can be used with any monitor or TV for streaming media, and more. The Access Plus gives you great performance and connectivity. $129 – $300

Intel Compute Stick With the Atom X5 processor, the Intel’s 2nd Generation Compute Stick is powerful enough to output a 4K video. $100 – $499

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